The UCES Process

UCES Updated Process Video

Working together, we can help clean up your credit profile efficiently and effectively. Our proven system allows you to be a part of the process- review all of your letters before they are sent out and be the first to receive the results. By maintaining communication, we will be able to provide the best service possible with consistent updates to your letters and to your online account. Questions or concerns can quickly be answered and resolved by contacting our corporate office and speaking with a live representative.

Step 1

Enroll and Activate.

Complete the simple online enrollment form and activate your service. To activate, you'll follow a short 3-step process which will require you to verify your identity, watch a short video on what to expect and agree that you would like to start your service. The sooner this 3-step process is completed, the quicker we can get your letters out to you!

Step 2

We analyze and prepare.

Your credit reports will be thoroughly evaluated. Accounts that are harming your credit will be identified and included on dispute letters for each credit bureau. These letters will be sent to you by mail, or for the quickest results, can be downloaded and printed through your account.

Step 3

Approve, Attach Verification, Sign and Mail.

Once you’ve received your dispute letters, please review and contact us if you would like to make any modifications. Follow the included instructions on attaching your identity verification documents. Once attached, and if the letters meet your approval, simply sign the documents and they are ready to be mailed out to the credit bureaus. We’ll provide you with all necessary information needed to complete the process.

Step 4

Expect results.

You will receive updated reports from the bureaus on a continuous basis. For the best results, forward each updated report to us so that we can track which items were removed successfully and to look for possible new derogatory information. We can then update your online account and will automatically send revised dispute letters to you every sixty days until your service expires.