For over 10 years, United Credit Education Services has been helping American consumers get back on the track to financial stability. Our service has successfully removed inaccurate, erroneous and obsolete information from credit profiles, improving current scenarios and future opportunities. Understanding the industry allows us to effectively analyze your credit profile and prepare you for success, while offering an educational experience that will help you to maintain your positive credit for years to come.

Separating ourselves from others in the industry, our reliable service offers you the comfort of involvement. You will have access to all of your documents, allowing for your review and modification at any time. We encourage you to contact us and speak with our service center if you have any questions before, during or after your process.

Our mission is to provide service which offers financial growth and opportunity through consumer education. We maintain a focus of efficiently eliminating the financial burden of negative credit, while providing our clients with an experience based on ease and integrity.

We aim to maintain consistent growth and advancement in an ever-changing industry and to provide long-term solutions that work for the financial benefit of American consumers. We will continue to supply innovative services and customer satisfaction- allowing our clients to reach their greatest financial potential.